Current Opportunities

We like to say that working for Ravix is choosing a healthier lifestyle. Of course, that all depends on how hard you like to work! All of our employees have worked in regular full-time jobs previously, and have elected to join us for multiple reasons. Quite a few of our employees have embraced professional consulting as a long-term career and have stayed with us 5 to 10 years or more.

  • Time Flexibility. Because our work is normally part-time for each client, our employees are able to flex their hours as needed. Some employees sign up for part-time and many for full-time. For people with small children, or who coach Little League or have other interests, part-time work can be the right solution.
  • Variety. Also known as staving off boredom, having a variety of clients is challenging and fun. Our employees meet and become an integral part of several organizations. Let's face it. Accounting and HR can become pretty routine when you work for the same company. Professional consulting keeps you on your toes.
  • Experience. In addition to the variety of client situations, our employees gain valuable knowledge and experience more quickly than when they stay with one employer over a period of time. At Ravix, employees are introduced to industries they have not worked with previously, and provided with multiple challenges resulting from the variety of client situations they deal with.
  • Support. Unlike individual consultants, Ravix employees have an entire team to back them up. The client is charged more efficiently (appropriate person for certain services = appropriate pricing), and there are peers and technical staff to assist with special issues.
  • Career Growth. Ravix employees gain valuable knowledge and experience over time, and pursue the same career path as in traditional organizations. Several of our current Principals started as Controllers within our organization, moved into Finance Director roles, and eventually earned the CFO/Principal designation.
  • Employment. All persons working for Ravix on a permanent basis are considered employees and eligible for employee benefits that are competitive, and in some cases better, than many Silicon Valley companies.