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Ravix Group is a national outsourced accounting, fractional CFO, advisory & orderly wind down, and HR consulting headquarted in the Silicon Valley. Whether you are a startup, a mid-sized business, are ready to go public, or are a nonprofit, when it comes to finance, accounting and HR, we will prepare you for the journey ahead

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Over the past twenty years we've developed an expertise serving businesses in various industries and stages of development. Here are a few examples:
Biotech, Healthcare & Life Sciences
We have deep expertise in Biotech, Healthcare and Life Sciences having successfully completed over 200 HC/LS engagements. We've provided full-service HR and operational accounting services to some of our clients from their Series A through an IPO or acquistion. With over five Biotech, Healthcare & Life Sciences IPOs under our belt, we know what it takes to get from A to D and beyond!
Software & Technology
Since our beginnings in the dotcom boom of the late 90s, we've certainly learned our way around 1's and 0's. When it comes to software and hardware, we have seen and done it all. From software-as-a-service revenue recognition and cost accounting complexities, to incentives structuring and stock-based accounting, we have helped our TMT clients successfully navigate their most difficult finance, accounting, and human resources challenges.
Nonprofit & NGO
We have comprehensive experience in nonprofit finance and accounting with nonprofit clients ranging in size from $1 million to $50 million, with diverse missions. Our experience includes strategic advisory services, budgeting and FP&A, cash flow management, audit and 990 preparation, federal grant management and reporting, NICRA negotiation, multilateral agency grant management and risk assessments.
Venture Capital & Private Equity
For over fifteen years, not only have our Venture Capital and Private Clients trusted us to serve their portfolios, but also to serve them directly with their HR and Accounting needs. We help our clients maintain books for all their entities, prepare financials for Limited Partner and internal reporting, and assist with capital calls, LP distributions, valuations and audit/tax preparation work.
Searchfund, ETA, and Professional Services
Having been acquired via ETA ourselves, we are intimately familiar with the requirements and unique demands of this model. We support entreprenuers who have acquired lower middle market businesses like ours by providing operational accounting support, implementing controls, and producing monthly investor/lender required reporting while allowing our clients to focus on learning, operating, and growing their businesses.
Early Stage & Start-up
We provide cash or accrual basis accounting, AR/AP management, payroll, and financial reporting services to early stage businesses.
Mid-Stage & Growth
We offer long-range financial planning, funding-round valuation modeling, technical accounting, and finance organization build-out services to our mid-stage clients.
Late Stage & Enterprise
We help our late-stage and enterprise clients with S-1 preparation, IPOs, mergers & acquisitions, international consolidations, and SEC reporting.

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Clients Have to Say

Code for AMERICA

What truly set Ravix apart for me was that they were meticulous in setting up our full-time staff for success in one of the smoothest hand-offs I’ve seen. Code for America is now well positioned for it’s next growth phase.

Maryann Kongovi
Chief Operating Officer

Ravix provided us with excellent accounting support as we hired employees, developed an implantable product, and prepared our product for clinical trials. Ravix support has been consistent and efficient. I recommend them highly!

Ben Pless
President & CEO

We selected Ravix – with the full endorsement of our board – because of their high reputation in the Silicon Valley community. All along they’ve been excellent partners in all matters from operations to audit to finance strategy.

Dave Jones
Chief Financial Officer

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