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Ravix Together

Guiding you through to your peak potential with dedication and expertise.

For over two decades, Ravix has been forging pathways through uncharted territories by bridging the support services gap for high-potential startups, small businesses, and enterprises. Our team of visionary professionals act as skilled navigators to offer strategic insights and unparalleled support for your fractional CFO, outsourced accounting, advisory, and human resources needs. We empower you to conquer challenges and navigate the ever-changing landscape of business with confidence and agility.


August 2000

Founded Ravix Group

Dan Saccani founds Ravix Group after leaving David Powell Inc., where he previously lead the CFO practice for a decade. Ravix Group initially offers outsourced CFO, Accounting, and Human Resources services to its client.

Ravix Group



Launched Technical Accounting

Ravix Group launches our Technical Accounting Practice to increase our ability to more comprehensivley serve our customers on complex accounting issues ranging from revenue recognition and treatment of stock-based compensation to SEC reporting.


First IPO Client

January 29, 2014

Ravix Group helps La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (NASDAQ: LJPC) list its shares on the NASDAQ and provides SEC reporting post-listing.


Launched Advisory Services

Ravix Group launches its Advisory Services practice to provide Assignment of Benefit of Creditors (ABC) and Liquidation services on behalf of senior creditors.


October 2021

Joined Kingsway Financial Services

October 1st, 2021

Ravix Group joins Kingsway (NYSE:KFS) as the lead acquisition in outsourced accounting & finance, human resource, and advisory services.


November 2021

First SPAC Client

November 10, 2021

Ravix Group helps Embark Trucks (NASDAQ:EMBK) go public via an Initial Business Combination (SPAC).

November 2022

Ravix Group acquires CSuite Financial Partners

November 1st, 2022

Ravix acquires CSuite Financial partners augmenting our ability to serve PE and family-owned business clients with interim and fulltime placement of senior finance executives with deep transacation experience.

Ready to Ascend New Heights with Ravix Group?

With over 20 years of expertise, Ravix Group delivers a comprehensive range of services including technical accounting, outsourced human resources, and C-suite advisory. We are your steadfast ally, ready to guide you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey with precision and insight.