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Most CFOs are Accountants, Ravix CFOs are Leaders

Ravix Group’s CFO services are built on years of experience. Our CFOs have walked the path your business is traveling, and they’re ready to guide you to success. When your business is in a state of growth or transaction—whether it be seeking equity financing, accelerating growth, mergers and acquisition, or improving management operations—elevate your growth and your profits with our strategic CFO services.


Keep an eye on the business horizon

As your company grows, decisions become increasingly complex and require increased expertise. With Ravix’s specialized fractional CFO support for startups, you’re filling a leadership gap at the table that can manage these tasks efficiently and build agile, compliant financial processes for the future.


Increase control over your finances

You’re responsible for every dollar spent, which can be a lot of pressure. Our team of outsourced CFOs can take key financial performance indicators and translate them into actions you can take across your business for growth.


Tell your growth story

From your financials, we make it obvious what you can do to grow in its next steps. Convey how fast you can grow your startup’s sales to investors and other stakeholders.


Understand and anticipate risks

Our CFOs have seen it all—the good, bad, and the messy across the vast terrain of startups. Understanding what’s at stake in your startup journey, means always having an eye on mitigating risk exposure with a Ravix CFO.

CFO services

Financial Leadership & Strategic Support

We provide expert guidance to empower your management team to steer the organization toward sustainable growth and success.

Fundraising Support

We support your fundraising journey with strategic guidance, personalized resources, and expert insights.

Operating Models & Forecasts

We develop precise operating models and forecasts to help you optimize strategies, identify growth opportunities, and make informed decisions.

Finance & Accounting Infrastructure

We help you build out a solid finance and accounting foundation for sustainable growth and profitability.

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We don’t talk numbers, we talk business.

A fractional CFO is a qualified Chief Financial Officer who provides invaluable hands-on expertise to businesses on a part-time or retainer basis. 

Any business aiming for growth needs access to financial strategy guidance and expertise. Some companies, however, don’t have the resources or need for a full-time CFO. Companies who find themselves in that position might consider outsourced CFO services.

A fractional CFO brings high-level financial expertise and years of experience to the table.

They can assist with everything from strategic planning and analysis to budgeting. Some common fractional CFO services include: financial modeling, valuation, M&A due diligence, contract negotiation, forecasting, and cash flow management.

Amplify your financial acumen

Gain insights to drive your business toward long-term success and stability.

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