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Navigating Business Wind Down

Let our seasoned team of adventurers, with their diverse expertise and industry knowledge, lead the way as we navigate closing operations. Together, we'll forge ahead with determination, ensuring a coordinated and compliant process that paves the path to a successful conclusion.

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Access to tailored solutions

Harness our extensive expertise and sector knowledge to craft a wind down strategy tailored to your unique needs. Together, we’ll chart a course towards our goals amidst the ever-moving landscape of business transitions.

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Drive best outcomes

Unlock the power of an unparalleled team of professionals. Ravix will deftly maneuver to minimize legal obstacles and extract maximum value from your assets. 

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Minimize exposure

We are fastidious about compliance while carrying out wind down exercises. Our experts work diligently to reduce risk of legal or tax issues in the future.

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Benefit from end-to-end support

Our seasoned experts, like skilled explorers, tirelessly chart the safest route to ensure that your journey is free from the hazards of future legal or tax challenges. We assist firms in drafting communication plans for all stakeholders, filing with tribunals, and crafting appropriate settlement policies for employees.

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Frequently asked questions

There are multiple steps in winding down a company. It usually takes around two to three months to initiate liquidation. Subsequently, the liquidation phase can extend from a few months to up to a year, depending on how long it takes to sell off the business’ assets.

Wind down services providers offer expertise in legal compliance, financial management, asset disposition, employee relations, stakeholder communication, vendor settlement, and interim management to facilitate a smooth closure of operations and liquidation.
An Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, commonly referred to as an “ABC” is a liquidation strategy for insolvent debtor companies. An alternative to federal bankruptcy, an ABC is a widely accepted method of liquidating a distressed business.  The debtor company, or assignor, transfers their assets and liabilities to an assignee, typically an LLC created by Ravix solely to serve the purpose of liquidating the company’s assets and distributing the proceeds to the approved claimants. The ABC allows for the transfer of the assignor’s assets free of the unsecured debts, which buyers view as a way of cleansing title to the acquired assets, with the added benefit of minimizing the potential liability for directors and management.  Unlike bankruptcy, an ABC does not have mandatory court appearances or monthly reporting requirements, and the assignor controls the choice of assignee.  Those features make it a faster, cheaper, yet safe, approach to closing a business.  Collectively, Ravix has decades of experience in the Silicon Valley serving as assignees.

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