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Strategic Solutions for Scaling to Success

Ravix’s top-notch solutions act as your compass, guiding you through business landscapes with precision and insight. Our outsourced CFO, accounting, HR, and startup turnaround experts provide the tools and strategies you need to reach new heights in your entrepreneurial expedition.

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With a clear understanding of sector-specific challenges in biotech, healthcare, and life sciences, Ravix’s experts navigate through these complexities with ease. We’ve completed over 200 engagements and successfully guided five IPOs from inception to listing in these sectors, which mean’s Ravix is equipped with the right tools to enable your sustainable success.


Our suite of solutions is crafted to help startups tackle financial obstacles and achieve sustainable growth. From charting a course through unexplored territories, to budgeting and forecasting, we ensure that every facet of your financial strategy is optimized for growth. With our guidance, your budding venture will not just survive, but thrive.


Ravix excels in serving nonprofits ranging from $1-$50 million. Our expertise spans strategic advisory, audit and 990 preparation, federal grant management, NICRA negotiation, and beyond. With our integrated approach, we guide impact-driven nonprofits through the intricacies of financial management, enabling you to focus on doing good.

Private Equity

For over 15 years, VC and PE clients have journeyed with us as their trusted guides, navigating the wilderness of portfolio management and financial support services. Our expertise in outsourced HR, fractional CFO, and outsourced accounting solutions allows you to smoothly chart a course through the complexities of VC and PE.

Search Funds

Acquired via ETA ourselves, we intimately understand its requirements and unique demands. We equip you with the right gear for your journey by empowering entrepreneurs acquiring lower middle-market businesses with our custom outsourced accounting solutions. Our support allows you to focus on expanding your horizons.


Like skilled adventurers who adapt their strategies to conquer diverse landscapes, we assist businesses of all shapes and sizes, catering to the unique needs of each. Whether you're navigating the early stages of startup exploration or traversing the terrain of late-stage enterprise, our team stands ready to provide support.

Our Clients Say...

Ravix provided us with excellent accounting support as we hired employees, developed an implantable product, and prepared our product for clinical trials. Ravix support has been consistent and efficient.
Ben Pless
President & CEO
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Ravix was meticulous in setting up our full-time staff for success in one of the smoothest hand-offs I’ve seen. Code for America is now well positioned for its next growth phase.
Maryann Kongovi
Chief Operating Officer
Code for America logo
We selected Ravix – with the full endorsement of our board – because of their high reputation in the Silicon Valley community. All along, they’ve been excellent partners in all matters from operations to audit to finance strategy.
Dave Jones
Chief Financial Officer
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Ready to Ascend New Heights with Ravix Group?

With over 20 years of expertise, Ravix Group delivers a comprehensive range of services including technical accounting, outsourced human resources, and C-suite advisory. We are your steadfast ally, ready to guide you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey with precision and insight.