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Accounting & Financial Services

While you take care of the business strategy, roadmap, GTM/sales + product market fit, we take on your accounting, finance, and board and investor relations.

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Get more bang for your buck

Gain access to top-tier financial experts, with a range of experience, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire team. With Ravix by your side, you get strategic insights and recommendations for better outcomes–without draining your budget.


Save time to realign focus​

Say goodbye to lengthy and complicated accounting and financial reporting tasks, and hello to streamlined processes. Our seasoned experts give you more time and energy to focus on business-boosting activities.

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Solidify your business' foundation

In order to grow, your business needs a strong financial foundation. Allow our experts to help chart a course ensuring compliance and reporting accuracy so that you don’t miss your next opportunity.


Grow confidently with scalable services​

Engage with our reliable partners for the long run. We’re here for the entire journey, from basecamp to summit, and beyond. Our services have built-in flexibility to fit your changing business needs.

When is the right time to outsource accounting?

Here are a few milestones when it’s urgent to outsource your accounting.

You’re raising capital for your business

We combine deep experience and expertise to clean up your financials and prepare your numbers to elevate your fundraising game.

You’re trying to scale up rapidly

Outsourced accounting enables your business to reach new heights without the burden of managing an in-house accounting team. Ravix’s experts focus on streamlined operations to support ambitious sales and revenue targets.

You’re adding more functional executives to your core management team

Ravix’s experts facilitate the smooth integration of new executives, allowing your new management team to focus on strategic direction while maintaining financial transparency.

You’ve completed a successful initial product release

When you’re past final release, focusing on general availability or further release, outsourcing accounting services help you maintain momentum. You can turn your focus towards scaling operations and product development, while Ravix handles financial compliance and accuracy.

Your marketing is getting more sophisticated

Ravix works to optimize your business for growth initiatives. Let us navigate the complex financial landscape and ensure financial resources are optimized for strategic campaigns and analytics.

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Facts about outsourced accounting and finance for startups

Save time, money, and elevate your financial decisions with Ravix’s best-in-class fractional accounting and bookkeeping services.

Fractional accounting is a professional accounting service that provides financial back-office support on a parceled, interim, and on-demand basis. This includes bookkeeping services, financial reporting, tax preparation and filing, and other financial tasks.

While it’s never a bad time to delegate your business’s accounting and finance tasks to outside experts. Here are a few milestones when it’s urgent to outsource your accounting:

  • You’re trying to double sales and revenue
  • You’ve completed a successful initial product release (not Beta), we’re talking focusing on general availability or a further release
  • You’re adding more functional executives to your core management team
  • You’re marketing is getting much more sophisticated whether it be channel expansion, go-to-market positioning and branding, building traction with one or more ideal customer profiles

Accounting process outsourcing has become a core part of any business strategy. Embracing outsourced accounting can help you build a resilient financial foundation and set your organization up for long-term success.

Outsourcing finance and accounting can help you save on costs and time. Outsourcing gives you instant access to specialized expertise and cutting-edge tools to drive process efficiencies and enhance accounting accuracy. Scalable, cloud based technical systems for cash focus.

Boost Your Business Finance and Accounting with Systems that Scale

When you want to optimize your cash, you want cloud-based systems that support spend with accountability.

Operational Accounting Systems

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Expense and Spend Management

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