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Breaking Down Barriers: Creating an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace

Addressing Disparities and Embracing Inclusivity Are Key!

Hybrid work describes a workplace where some people work from the office while others work from home. In many cases, individuals will split their time between the office and remote work scenarios. There are pros and cons to this approach—companies save money on overhead costs and employees gain greater flexibility. In many cases, both parties thrive, realizing greater productivity and improving morale. However, forming an inclusive workplace is one area businesses still struggle with.

At Ravix Group, we offer HR consulting services that includes setting up or augmenting in-office and remote team members. We bake the concept of inclusivity into every stage, from recruiting to onboarding to managing the workforce.

During the pandemic, many businesses were forced to adopt remote work scenarios or close their doors. As a result, hybrid or solely remote work became the norm. Many employees and employers have decided not to return to a traditional workplace with every employee centrally located in a cubicle or office. Here’s one question crossing the minds of forward-looking recruiters and leaders: how will they embed inclusivity into the corporate DNA and use it to help employees thrive wherever they log in from?

Ways to Avoid Disparities Among Hybrid Team Members

Here are some ways to avoid disparities that can arise in a dispersed team:

  • Equal opportunity employees need to focus more than ever on ensuring diversity in the selection and promotion of remote and in-office employees.
  • Team leaders that take the time to hold regular virtual meetings create an inclusive environment for all workers.
  • Individual employees can help new hires feel welcome in all interactions.
  • Awareness programs that promote employee interaction can ease tensions due to cultural differences and protected statuses.

There are many steps your organization can take to create an even playing field for remote workers, as well as workers from different backgrounds. Follow the tips below to support mental health, morale, teamwork, and overall productivity in a hybrid workplace.

Expert Tips to Embrace Inclusivity

These tips can help your human resources staff, leaders, and employees practice and experience inclusivity in the workplace.

  • Increase work flexibility. Offer work-from-home days once a week or four-day weeks for in-office and remote staff to help all employees enjoy flexible schedules that also give them more time for personal responsibilities.
  • Train managers on how to manage well in a hybrid setting. Employees working different days and hours across multiple time zones can challenge the most flexible leaders. Take the time to train managers on how to effectively manage hybrid teams. Some employees may work evenings due to childcare or elder care responsibilities, for example. Others may need time to attend religious ceremonies during the day. By giving employees trust and autonomy, leaders can also foster goodwill, leading to higher retention and productivity rates.
  • Focus on inclusivity in mentorship programs. Offer opportunities for growth and promotion to remote and in-office staff. By understanding the strengths and preferences of each employee, you can nurture talent regardless of where and when individuals work.
  • Acknowledge the needs of your team. You may need to advocate for team members with specific needs, such as flexible scheduling due to family obligations.
  • Encourage diverse viewpoints. Assemble teams that include different gender identifications, cultural backgrounds, interests, and other points of diversity. By leveraging different points of view, you may find that your team comes up with more creative solutions than ever before. To encourage interaction between hybrid workers, use digital tools that facilitate online meetings and workflows. You can also ask people for their feedback on how individual managers and the company are doing as a whole in encouraging and supporting diversity.

Switching to outsourced HR services, you can bring in consultants well-versed in implementing inclusive business practices for hybrid teams.

Why It’s Essential to Create an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace

An inclusive work culture positively impacts employee engagement. According to a study by Gartner, inclusion and diversity strategies can boost productivity more than 6%. Simultaneously, this progressive business objective may improve retention by 5%. This is where outsourced HR services can play a crucial role in creating a roadmap to a more efficient, innovative, and people-centric future.

Ravix Group consultants can help you build positive policies that support your hybrid teams. If you need help implementing inclusive strategies, we can help. Contact us online or call us at 408 216 0656 for a free consultation to discuss the human resource needs of your organization.