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Why Fractional CFOs Are Essential for Startups

Fractional CFOs, part-time CFOs, on-demand CFOs…whatever you may call them, a fractional CFO is a valuable asset to your startup. Whether you need early funding assistance or guidance for your IPO, hiring an outside finance executive with years of experience can fill a gap or provide fresh perspective for your business. At Ravix Group, you’ll find seasonal consultants with years of experience acting as CFOs for startups in numerous industries.

If you’re still in the beginning stages of your new venture, you may not have a full-time CFO. Hiring a fractional CFO for your startup can save time and money on recruitment, compensation, and benefits. When complex financial questions come up, hire astute executives who know how to handle investors, bankers, and vendors.

Do you need a new financial forecast or assistance reaching new markets? Work with the top firm in Silicon Valley to achieve growth and capital goals or overcome financial roadblocks.

Why Hire a Fractional CFO?

Often, startups have their cash tied up in product development and customer acquisition. It’s not surprising if you can’t budget for a full-time CFO. This is one of the main reasons startups hire fractional CFOs.

Build a great team, properly forecast future growth, and set up best practices that will help your company thrive. Here are some of the services we perform for other startups in Silicon Valley and beyond!

  • Invoicing and collections set up
  • Tracking cash flow
  • Setting up financial modeling and forecasts
  • Tracking financial performance against competitors
  • Consolidated reporting
  • System retirement or implementation
  • Tax preparation

How Can Fractional CFOs Kickstart Startups?

Fractional CFOs lend stability and credibility to your new or emerging company. While it’s important to keep your overhead costs under control, you can hire a part-time chief financial officer who brings much to the table.

Gain access to the following assets and capabilities when you hire a Ravix Group fractional CFO:

  • Capital connections: Many fractional CFOs have deep connections with family firms, venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity firms. These connections become your connections when you hire the right part-time CFO.
  • Financial planning: Fractional CFOs excel at strategizing and planning ways to save and make money. If you need to streamline your operations, maybe it’s time to welcome a new perspective.
  • Control cashflow. Fractional CFOs ensure that you maintain positive cashflow to give you flexibility when you need to scale up quickly.
  • Revamp accounting and bookkeeping procedures. Fractional CFOs can also help you find more efficient ways to reconcile your finances and lay the foundation for future growth.

Do you need help getting underperforming teams under control? Do you need a focused professional guarding your bottom line? Reach out to one of our team members for fractional CFO consulting to gain invaluable financial insights and to identify your needs. We’ll connect you with the right finance guru to meet your goals. A fractional CFO can reduce business risk and detect opportunities for your startup.

Would your startup business benefit from partnering with a fractional CFO? Contact us online or call 408 216 0656 for a free consultation or more information about our unique services.