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Mitchell Guzik

Director of Advisory Services

Mitchell Guzik brings some 35 years of experience in management and transaction experience, ranging from engineering management roles to CEO, and COO roles of companies doing business across the Americas and Europe.

As an operational expert in manufacturing, with a deep understanding of cost of goods sold, and restructuring, his foundational skills are industry agnostic, facilitating his success in adding value in many varied industries in restructuring, workouts, turnarounds, and winddowns. I have closed many facilities and returned the properties to the landlords in an acceptable condition.

He also served as the interim COO of an industrial auction company and has 25 years of industrial and retail auction experience as the seller and buyer of assets sold at auction.

Mitchell has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Menlo College along with an Associate of Arts degree. He thrives in fast-paced, complex, environments where he leverages expertise in distressed finance and operations.