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An Overview of Search Fund Accounting and How a Fractional CFO Can Assist Search Fund Entrepreneurs and Investors

October 18, 2022by Ravix Group
A search fund is an investment vehicle used to raise capital to support specific operators in search of a business to acquire. Search fund accounting involves the financing, recordkeeping, and due diligence that goes along with this process. More importantly, post-acquisition, newly minted entrepreneurs  often rely on seasoned accounting executives to guide them through their...

Why Should Startups Hire a Fractional CFO?

April 4, 2022by Ravix Group
Fractional CFOs, part-time CFOs, on-demand CFOs…whatever you may call them, a fractional CFO is a valuable asset to your startup. Whether you need early funding assistance or guidance for your IPO, hiring an outside finance executive with years of experience can fill a gap or provide fresh perspective for your business. At Ravix Group, you’ll...

What Is a Fractional CFO & What Do They Do?

April 4, 2022by Ravix Group
When you hire a fractional CFO, you gain access to executive guidance without the salary and employee benefits associated with hiring in-house resources. With cloud-based bookkeeping and advanced technology, even small companies can afford fractional CFOs. A fractional Chief Financial Officer in the San Francisco area can guide your startup or established company through specific...

Rightsizing Your G&A

September 26, 2022by Ravix Group
Penny wise and pound foolish. That’s a term you hear tossed around regularly. For those unfamiliar with it, we are referring to those who cautiously save a little money on one thing while wasting a lot of money on something else. Here’s an example: you open a credit card just to get the discount, and...

Planning & Forecasting

September 22, 2022by Ravix Group
Tips to Getting It Right (and Avoiding Common Mistakes) Planning is imperative for any situation, but financial planning requires a certain fluidity and finesse. Without solid preparation, lack of direction will cause a manageable situation to devolve into loss and crisis. What good planning consists of: Lucid communication Peer engagement Consistent methodology Successful plans must...

IRC 409A Perspectives: How It Impacts Employee Stock Options

September 19, 2022by Ravix Group
IRC 409A became applicable to employee stock in 2005. It triggered a need for private companies that grant stock options to have their common stock valued approximately once a year. Ravix Group and our partners can provide valuation and outsourced accounting services to startups and other businesses implementing or re-evaluating their stock valuation strategies. What...
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