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The Startup Survival Guide: For Startups with Less than 9 Months of Runway

The current market has startups panicking – with less than a year of runway, will founders successfully raise? Many startups are heading toward the zone of insolvency and need quick tactics to extend the runway without strangling growth. Ravix Group’s turnaround experts got together and created the Survival Guide for Startups with 9 Months of Runway or Less, giving practical advice on how to change out of a growth to survival mindset,  strategically cut costs based on milestones, tactical advice around how to cut costs and negotiate new terms.

Read now, and walk away feeling confident about:

📈🤝 Where you stand with investors,

🗓️🤔 How to create scenario planning for better investor relations and internal planning,

🔁📉 Options for M&A and winding down.

We also created a Youtube series to expand with stories of successful turnarounds. Check out the first video on your “Color Code” & learn where your startup stands with VCs today!

Download our Guide today and receive a complimentary consultation with one of our startup financial turnaround experts!