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An Overview of Search Fund Accounting and How a Fractional CFO Can Assist Search Fund Entrepreneurs and Investors

October 18, 2022by Ravix Group
A search fund is an investment vehicle used to raise capital to support specific operators in search of a business to acquire. Search fund accounting involves the financing, recordkeeping, and due diligence that goes along with this process. More importantly, post-acquisition, newly minted entrepreneurs  often rely on seasoned accounting executives to guide them through their...

Why Should Startups Hire a Fractional CFO?

April 4, 2022by Ravix Group
Fractional CFOs, part-time CFOs, on-demand CFOs…whatever you may call them, a fractional CFO is a valuable asset to your startup. Whether you need early funding assistance or guidance for your IPO, hiring an outside finance executive with years of experience can fill a gap or provide fresh perspective for your business. At Ravix Group, you’ll...

What Is a Fractional CFO & What Do They Do?

April 4, 2022by Ravix Group
When you hire a fractional CFO, you gain access to executive guidance without the salary and employee benefits associated with hiring in-house resources. With cloud-based bookkeeping and advanced technology, even small companies can afford fractional CFOs. A fractional Chief Financial Officer in the San Francisco area can guide your startup or established company through specific...

Re-examining Product-Market-Fit Before a Fundraise 

April 30, 2024by Dan Saccani
Startup founder Jake Savvy returned from a board meeting excited and anxious; he’s about to prepare for a fundraiser as his runway may not last another year, and his growth is causing more burn. As he drives home, he thinks about his fundraising checklist: pitch deck? Check. List of investors? Check. Email blast to said...

What is Product-Market Fit & Does My Startup Have It?

December 11, 2023by Dan Saccani
As a Chief Restructuring Officer speaking directly to seed or Series A startup founders, let’s delve into a topic that should be at the forefront of your strategic planning: Product-Market Fit (PMF). In the startup world, PMF isn’t just a concept—it’s the indicator that your startup should scale and is the beginning of your next...
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