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Accounting for Virtual Currency, What You Need to Know

September 13, 2022by Ravix Group
You’ve built a great online game; users are signing up at record speed and they are buying your virtual currency with the cute name — the cash is rolling in. Everything is great, and your Board of Directors and stockholders love you! Life is good, until… The Harsh Reality of Virtual Revenue Recognition You’re in...

The Other Kind of Exit: An 11-Step Program

September 5, 2022by Ravix Group
Following the tumultuous financial crisis of 2008-2009, if you were going into a fundraising mode, in all likelihood you were soon in a new position at a new company. If you were like most venture-backed companies, you reviewed the now infamous Sequoia Manifesto and hunkered down for a tough road ahead. In the post-pandemic economy,...

Sox Schmox!

August 30, 2022by Ravix Group
Here are some common misconceptions about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: “We are not a public company, why should we worry about SOX compliance?” “Becoming and staying SOX compliant is very costly; we can’t afford that right now.”loo “All of those internal controls only get in the way of running our business.” Over the years,...

You Can Avoid Embezzlement- Here’s How

August 8, 2022by Ravix Group
Implement Checks and Balances for Transparency & Accountability Bernie Madoff: embezzler, thief and downright cheat. It is now common knowledge how the once trusted and revered Wall Street investment advisor scammed his investors out of at least $50 billion, proving that a friendly face can actually be the face of fraud. While his lies quickly...

Creating Leadership Through Accounting

August 3, 2022by Ravix Group
Benefits of Outsourced Accounting in San Francisco Leadership in and through the field of accounting marks the difference between companies that are solid and stable versus companies that are unreliable and questionable. Companies whose fiscal foundation is questionable may well jeopardize a start-up’s IPO or acquisition prospects while those companies whose fiscal integrity is solid...

Nurturing Your Startup Company? Ensure Good Accounting Practices!

July 14, 2022by Ravix Group
Why Do Startups Outsource Accounting Functions? If you operate a high-growth startup, you’re probably looking to raise venture capital. In this case, your management team needs access to carefully prepared profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other critical reporting. You need experienced professionals with the knowledge and know-how to help you choose a quality...

Why Outsource Accounting for Your Business

May 5, 2022by Ravix Group
If you ask any savvy business owner what the backbone of their company is, they will most likely tell you it’s a strong financial foundation. Without sufficient cash flow, companies cannot properly handle ongoing expenses and incur large amounts of risk and debt. Likewise, lack of financial organization can lead to unsatisfied employees and clients,...

Why Consider Outsourced Controller Services?

November 2, 2022by Ravix Group
Your company is growing quickly, which is fantastic, but your accounting has also become more complicated. With more cash coming in, aging invoices to pursue, and investors to attract, you simply need more help running your financial and accounting functions. A quick review of the budget reveals little room for a permanent, full-time controller. What...
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