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A Quick Guide to Understanding Fractional CFOs and Their Role

When you hire a fractional CFO, you gain access to executive guidance without the salary and employee benefits associated with hiring in-house resources. With cloud-based bookkeeping and advanced technology, even small companies can afford fractional CFO services.

A fractional Chief Financial Officer in the San Francisco area can guide your startup or established company through specific challenges. So, if you need to quickly achieve growth, overcome financial challenges, raise capital, or ace an audit, professional help is at hand.

Ravix Group specializes in outsourced expertise in accounting and finance. Whether you’re a startup, midsized company, or established firm, our experienced executives have the knowledge and leadership skills to help you get there!

What Can a Fractional CFO Do for Your San Francisco Business?

In the fast-paced, highly competitive Silicon Valley, a fractional CFO has to understand technology and drive business growth with strategic vision. When you hire a Ravix Group CFO, you can save the cost of hiring an in-house CFO. Even if you do have a chief financial officer to run day-to-day affairs, you might need more manpower or experienced leadership to get through specific stages of the business lifecycle. For example, you may contact us if you need help preparing for an audit or completing a special project.

Our fractional CFOs in San Francisco provide the leadership needed to:

  • Resolve cash flow issues
  • Raise low gross margins
  • Cut high expenses
  • Retire ineffective legacy systems
  • Sail through an audit

With a fractional CFO, your firm can implement forward-looking financial reporting and forecasting. Bookkeepers and accountants look backwards to establish trends and track expenses. In contrast, a CFO needs to focus on the future. If you are eager to establish a strategic focus for your company, bringing in an outside financial professional might be the right way to go.

Do You Need Help Managing Growth and Achieving Goals?

Even the best run businesses can get off track occasionally as priorities and market dynamics change. With a fractional CFO, you can get the guidance you need to confidently make decisions regarding scaling your business up or down, improving your profitability, or restructuring to meet the needs of your customers.

Here are some of the ways Ravix Group CFOs move companies, including startups forward:

  • Rethink processes, tools, and vendors to achieve faster growth
  • Grow revenue and streamline operations
  • Move the organization past the initial startup phase
  • Deal with changing regulatory requirements

A fractional CFO in San Francisco does more than provide financial expertise. When you want to develop your current employees or hire the right team to take your business to the next level, you need a leader with the confidence and experience to make the right choices. If you want a capable professional to lend their analytical skills and help you turn data into actionable information, our CFOs fit the bill perfectly.

What goals are looking to accomplish? For example, you can bring in a financial expert to help you raise capital, prepare for a sale, or acquire another business.

From equity funding to downsizing, the right leadership can make it easy to:

  • Get your books in order
  • Produce accurate forecasts
  • Add legitimacy to your board
  • Form strategic relationships
  • Oversee due diligence

For assistance finding the right fractional CFO in San Francisco, contact us online or call 408 216 0656 for solutions to your toughest financial challenges! We would also love to provide insight into other areas of your business.