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The State of Fundraising and M&A in 2024: Transcript

On January 29, 2024, Ravix Group sponsored a panel hosted at Morrison Foerster’s beautiful downtown San Francisco office, “The State of Fundraising and M&A in 2024. Our co-sponsor, Flagstar Bank joined us with banker Calina Thompson. The panel included: Lindsey Mignano, SSM Theresa Tate, MoFo Danny Lopez, Orrick  Francesca Ruiz, Gunderson-Dettmer Michelle Edwards, Perkins Coie ...

Reviewing Your Financial Health Part 3: Get What You’re Owed with Effective Collections

In the dynamic and often unpredictable world of startups, maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial. One key component of this is managing accounts receivable efficiently and effectively.  The goal is to ensure that you, as a founder, can recover debts in a manner that preserves customer relationships while bolstering your company’s financial health. Understanding...

How Much Does it Cost to Close My Startup?

When it comes to winding down your startup, understanding the associated costs is crucial for an orderly and compliant closure. The expenses can vary greatly depending on the method chosen – Bankruptcy, Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC), or a direct Wind-Down. Let’s dive into what these processes entail and the likely costs involved....

Welcome to “Evaluating Your Startup Financial Health,” a four-part series where we dive deep into crucial financial strategies for startups. In this series, we’ll focus on making substantial financial cuts, vigilantly monitoring every dollar, and accelerating Accounts Receivable collections. In this first part, we tackle the critical task of stabilizing your startup’s cash flow. This...

An Artisan Chair Company Faces a Crash: Will Dr. Doom Turnaround or Wind-Down?

As Dr. Doom, a Chief Restructuring Officer, I’ve faced many challenges, but the case of this chair company was particularly intriguing. The founder, an eccentric and brilliant architect, had combined his passion for design with the unparalleled craftsmanship of Amish artisans. Yet, his pursuit of perfection was leading the company to financial peril. It was...

I’m Profitable but Have No Cash, Help!

Early in my career, I was lucky enough to experience the rise of the PC in Silicon Valley. I worked for a company called Optimal Communications, a phone company being launched with the likes of The Macintosh. At the time, Kleiner Perkins and IVP had invested, eager to join the PC race. On the finance...

Planning for Longer Sales Cycles in Tough Times

As a Chief Restructuring Officer, I’ve seen many startups face the harsh reality of extended sales cycles, especially in challenging market conditions. Understand this: the strategies that brought you here may not get you through the next cycle. In times of economic uncertainty, both large and small companies tend to deliberate longer before making purchasing...
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